LooxcieLive: Walk, Talk and Stream Live Video from Smartphone to Facebook

Mock-up of new Looxcie for Facebook App

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own TV network, Looxcie has an app for you. As of this morning, you can download the revised version of LooxcieLive, a free smartphone/tablet app which lets you stream live video from your device’s front or back camera straight to your friends who are using the same app.

No app? No problem. In a few days a new Looxcie App for Facebook will allow anyone who can access Facebook to view your live videos or those broadcast on Looxcie’s public user channels.

LooxcieLive smartphone and tablet app

LooxcieLive, available for Android 2.1-plus and Apple iOS 5.0-plus devices, is compatible with front or rear cameras on smartphones or tablets. Not only does the app let you speak to your viewers, but viewers with LooxcieLive on their own smartphones can talk back. They can use a push-to-talk button or can send text messages to the videographer.

The introduction of LooxcieLive means that you no longer need one of Looxcie’s lightweight, wearable video cameras to broadcast live videos via a smartphone app.

“If you don’t have a Looxcie [camera], you can still have a Looxcie experience,” said Jay Moore, vice president of marketing at Looxcie during a phone conference.

However, the Looxcie LX1 and Looxcie LX2 cameras have superior optics and offer better resolutions than most tablets and smartphones. The Looxcie cameras, which link with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, can be hung from an ear like a Bluetooth headset, clipped to a baseball cap, put on a tripod or otherwise used completely hands free.

“There’s still an advantage to using a Looxcie camera,” said Moore. “At a minimum we’re engaging new users.”


Videos streamed with the LooxcieLive app can be made private, where only invited friends can view them, or left public where anyone with the app or using the Looxcie for Facebook App can see them. The app allows users to send live broadcast notifications to Looxcie and Facebook friends.

The live streaming works over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections, according to Looxcie, and videos are archived to the cloud, where they can be viewed later. The app supports a top streaming video resolution of 480p at up to 15 frames per second, so the result is not exactly HD-quality.

Moore noted that the app can be useful for citizen journalists or anyone who wants to make a simple broadcast that he can share.

“We definitely pride ourselves with trying to provide an easy experience for our customers,” said Moore.

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Diamond Multimedia AMP1000 1080P Media Player Brings HD Android to the TV Screen

Diamond Multimedia AMP1000 Android Media Player

The Diamond Multimedia AMP1000 Android Media player has taken Google’s Android operating system to a place where you’re not used to seeing it: On the big screen of your living room TV.

The media player (about $120), which goes on sale today, streams video content from the Internet, supports full 1080P HD graphics, runs Android 2.3 and has full access to the Google Play app store’s massive collection of apps. Thus the AMP1000 allows you to load up your HDTV with the same Android apps that you now use on your Android smartphone or tablet and. According to Diamond Multimedia, these apps include Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, Netflix and many other popular Android titles.

The AMP1000 has access to Android apps from the Google Play app store.

The AMP1000 comes with the Google Chrome Web browser, a music player, a photo viewer, an ebook reader and a game player. It also offers support for Adobe Flash, thus ensuring that online video will run as they would on your notebook or tablet.

The AMP1000 Android Media Player connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable, which means you’re not limited to using it on a TV near your router. A Bluetooth option is $10 extra. The unit has 3.5GB of storage and an SD card slot for removable memory cards. It connects to your TV via HDMI cable.

The AMP1000 comes with a slender thumb-driven, but full QWERTY keypad which also incorporates an integrated mouse.

The unit is now available from various retailers and a rebate was expected be available soon on Diamond Multimedia’s Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Diamond Multimedia
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