New York’s Samsung Experience Closing Dec. 31

The Samsung Experience, Samsung’s glitzy product showcase in New York’s Time Warner Center, will close Dec. 31, an associate at the location confirmed Saturday.

The Samsung Experience, the site of numerous press conferences and other special events, has occupied the 10,000-square-foot space on the third floor of the Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle since 2004, according to TWICE, which first reported the closing Dec. 1.

Many of Samsung’s most popular products, such as the powerful Galaxy Tab tablets, the Galaxy S series smarphones with Samsung’s bright AMOLED displays and the company’s new 830 Series solid state drives, were rolled out to the press at recent events. The departure isn’t good news to the Time Warner Center, which recently lost a large Borders bookstore formerly located on the second floor directly below the Samsung Experience.

The Samsung Experience provides free Wi-Fi, free Internet access and product information at a handful of computer terminals and ready access to roving Samsung specialists for its various product lines but it’s not a store. You can try out the various products–you can even make calls on working cell  phones–but you can’t place an order or make a purchase.

An associate who answered the phone confirmed the Dec. 31 closing date.

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