Google Chrome: So far, so … whoops!

The birth of a new Web browser sponsored by an Internet power as muscular as Google Inc. is no minor footnote in the history of the Web. The debut of Google Chrome on Sept. 2 sent almost audible shock waves through cyberspace. 

Remember, it was only in March that America Online ended support for Netscape, the legendary browser early Web surfers cut their teeth on. As it leaves the maternity ward, Google Chrome enters a space already crowded by Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer, the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox, Opera Software’s Opera browser and Apple Inc.’s Safari.
Will it make room for itself? Things look promising. 
The good news, at first blush, is that Google Chrome is, as advertised, a snappy, fast and clean-looking browser.
The bad news is that it’s still a beta (unfinished) product. There are some irritations you’ll run into with the new browser, but chances are good that the problems will be cleared up soon given the size of the Google Chrome development team.
For example, while using the “new” Facebook, I was unable to trigger some links like “Go Online” and “Back to the old Facebook.” I couldn’t even leave a comment to a fellow user who was also testing Google Chrome. 
To be fair, bugs are to be expected on opening day for a software project this complicated. But on the up side, the software installed quickly and seems very stable.
Early verdict: Worth trying. 
The Windows version is ready now. Mac and Linux versions are on deck, according to Google.
What do you think so far?

One thought on “Google Chrome: So far, so … whoops!

  1. great browser like it a lot

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